The Challenge

Current industry practices for handling legal documentation related to derivatives transactions are predominantly manual. Legal and operational support teams are burdened with the task of manually extracting data from these documents to populate various system platforms. This fragmentation of data processing leads to:

  • Inefficiencies: The manual process is slow and labor-intensive, diverting valuable resources from strategic activities.
  • Increased Error Rate: Manual data entry significantly increases the risk of errors, which can have severe legal and financial implications.
  • Cost Inefficiencies: Prolonged processing times and potential for error lead to higher operational costs.
  • Scalability Issues: As transaction volumes grow, the manual systems do not scale efficiently, compounding the existing challenges.

The Solution

Banqora automates legal document processing for derivatives at Tier 3 financial institutions using machine learning and deep integrations. Our platform retrieves, extracts, and straight-through processes documents, significantly reducing manual labour, speeding operations, and minimising errors for operational efficiency.


Banqora aims not only to automate the data processing tasks in legal documentation but also to expand its solution to encompass collateral management. By automating these additional components, Banqora will further enhance operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and ensure compliance across the board for financial institutions.

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