BehaviorQuant is revolutionizing the financial industry with groundbreaking behavioral finance technology. Our cloud-based, turnkey products effortlessly provide financial and investment institutions with unparalleled insights into individual decision-makers and teams. By systematically analyzing characteristics and decision-making tendencies of investors, we unlock a world of possibilities for performance improvement, hiring selections, and advisory success. For the first time, financial institutions gain predictive knowledge about the people behind investment decisions, enabling them to mitigate invisible hiring risks, optimize investment performance, and enhance financial advisory services. Experience the cutting-edge transformation in financial decision-making with BehaviorQuant’s game-changing approach.

The Challenge

BehaviorQuant addresses the investment industry’s critical gap: understanding the behavioral traits of decision-makers. Neglecting these traits can result in
1. underperformance,
2. missed profit opportunities, and
3. poor hires.
BehaviorQuant tackles this challenge, offering online dashboards that empower financial professionals understand and master human behavior, enhancing asset management, and investor decision-making. We transform hidden risks into actionable insights, revolutionizing financial decision-making.

The Solution

BehaviorQuant offers two key empirically validated solutions for the asset management and capital markets sector.
First, BQ Performance Coach helps fund managers enhance their “behavioral alpha” by identifying and correcting unconscious biases, optimizing decision-making for greater profitability.
Second, BQ Performance Select assists institutional investors in evaluating fund managers by analyzing behavioral tendencies, reducing risk and identifying untapped potential for more profitable investments.
Combining behavioral science and machine learning, we provide actionable insights for fund managers and data-driven decision support for institutional investors.

The Importance

In a fiercely competitive industry where even a minor error can be costly, BQ Performance is not just an optional tool but a strategic necessity. By fusing behavioral science with cutting-edge technology, it not only identifies and mitigates decision-making biases but also validates its effectiveness with empirical evidence. Any investment firm committed to optimizing performance, reducing risk, and securing a competitive edge will find immense value in the proven benefits of BQ Performance.

Next steps

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