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BondAuction is a platform for the Primary Debt Capital Markets that allows Investors to submit a Bid for a new bond issuance. The platform delivers an efficiency and transparency that is missing in the traditional Book Built deal process. Bids are allotted on a ‘best price’ basis, allowing the possibility of a full allotment to an Investor in a given deal.

The Challenge

Investors in Primary DCM are allocated on a subjective basis decided upon by the Underwriters and Issuers of debt. Timings for deal execution, price guidance and term setting are all unclear to Investors. In short it is a frustrating process for all parties involved.

The Solution

The BondAuction platform eliminates the frustrations of the current process including transparency around deal timings, price clarity and most importantly allocations.
Investors bidding inside the final price will receive a full allotment, those bidding at the final price terms will receive a prorated fill and those wider receive a nil allotment.
This allows Investors to express true demand and be rewarded in a transparent manner.

Next steps

Please reach out for a demonstration of our platform to [email protected]

An overview can be found at our website –



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