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Calimere Point is a London based data analytics consultancy founded in 2009. We provide our clients with value by developing and delivering powerful, bespoke data analytics and visualisation solutions that enable drive deeper insights and help drive better decision-making. Bringing decades of front-office experience in Investment Banking and Asset Management to the table, combined with extensive expertise in delivering cutting-edge data analytics and visualisation solutions, enable rapid development and deployment within complex data landscapes. We have developed an unrivalled track record in the financial services sector, earning recognition for our cutting-edge data analytics and visualisation technologies and techniques. Our expertise spans the client spectrum, serving large multinational Wealth and Investment firms as well as smaller niche players. We deliver custom solutions that cut through complexity and deliver tangible, quantifiable value, driving revenue growth.

The Challenge

Unlocking Organisational Data Complexity

No two organisations handle data in precisely the same way.
From capture to utilisation, the intricacies of data storage, structure, and flow vary across firms. As organisations grow, so does the complexity of their data landscape. They need to derive value from their data promptly and effectively. This process must be repeatable, secure, efficient, and ultimately, business-focused, with quick responses to rapidly changing requirements.

Each organisation is also at a different point along its data journey.
At one end of the spectrum, there are those wrestling with the basics of sourcing, normalising and aligning data in order to begin extracting insights. At the other end are firms looking to implement cutting-edge data science techniques, AI and Machine Learning solutions to revolutionise the way they do business. Thus, organisations require tailored solutions to address their unique data challenges, drawing on intellectual property developed to assist them in overcoming the specific obstacles encountered throughout their data journey.

The Solution

Data Analytics – Delivered

Our deep financial markets experience and the use of the cutting-edge data analytics technologies and techinques has revolutionised organisations that wish to harness the power of their data. Our track record of 250+ bespoke analytics solutions designed and delivered, with a value realised by our clients of $150m+ in revenue uplift and cost reduction make us leaders in our field.

Fully Automated Data Visualisation

With the use of visualisation technologies, Calimere Point aids data storytelling, allowing senior management stakeholders to identify opportunities for value creation.

Leaders in Financial Services

Our hybrid skill set equips us to address the challenges brought by heightened regulation and swiftly evolving competitive landscapes within the financial services sector. With extensive senior-level experience spanning trading, investment management, structuring, risk management, and finance, our team designs, develops, and implements bespoke data analytics solutions that fit your organisations requirements.

Flexibility of On-premise or Cloud Platform

Our solutions can be delivered within our clients’ infrastructure or hosted via our cloud-based analytics platform, CPRA Cloud, giving clients the flexibility to choose the model that works best for them. CPRA Cloud Platform enables organisations to benefit from market-leading data science delivery expertise at a fraction of the cost of standing up their own internal capabilities. We remain at the forefront of technological innovation, harnessing potent data analytics and visualisation tools.

Market Solutions:

Data Analytics Driven Automation
The evolving needs for new data processes in financial services often result in manual workarounds, mainly using Excel and PowerPoint. These manual processes create significant cost bottlenecks and operational risks. Our expertise in data analytics and visualisation enables cost-effective automation, reducing risk and enhancing processes at scale. Our approach yields a proven ROI of around 10x.

Regulatory Compliance/Transformation
The finance industry has seen a surge in regulations post-GFC, affecting key ratios (Basel 2.5/3) and reporting to global bodies (EMIR, MIFID, COREP, IFPR etc). Calimere Point excels in providing clients with market expertise, quantitative skills, and analytics to meet regulatory requirements. Our success stems from efficiently sourcing, normalising, and aligning data, delivering complex reports within tight deadlines for diverse clients.

Client Analytics
Our SingleView Data Analytics solution continues to stand unrivalled as a powerful algorithmic solution that implements master data alignment. SingleView accelerates the generation of aligned customer information, offering organisation-wide clarity on customer behaviour and compliance. Siloed customer data in many firms poses challenges to achieving alignment. This clarity allows firms to identify cross-selling opportunities, communicate effectively with customers, and ensure compliance.

Pricing Analytics / Revenue Uplift to drive P&L growth
The pricing of products and services sold to customers may seem simple initially, but with various factors such as diverse customer bases, payment schedules, global locations, volume differentials, varied agreement timelines, and differentiated product pricing, complexity arises. Calimere Point deploys advanced analytics solutions, including AI, to detect pricing discrepancies and revenue loss patterns that traditional methods fail to uncover. These analytics initiatives have resulted in significant revenue increases while also implementing caps at product and client levels to mitigate and prevent customer churn.

Capital Optimisation Delivery
For financial services firms, the effective management of scare capital resources is a key driver of success. Calimere Point’s experienced team have been at the cutting-edge of the changing regulatory capital demands which followed the global financial crisis, supporting our clients in successfully delivering Basel 2.5 and Basel 3 solutions.

Quantitative Solution Delivery
We bring a high level of quantitative expertise to address our client’s needs, which are ever more demanding and sophisticated. We have extensive experience supporting the delivery and validation of complex pricing, risk and regulatory models.

The Importance

Business-centric Data Analytics

Our strength lies in delivering business-centric data analytics solutions which monetise value fast. We live in a period of rapid, constantly evolving business and technical change, which places unprecedented pressure on organisations to be agile. Our unparalleled track record of designing and delivering data analytics and visualisation solutions allows our clients to stay ahead of this evolution.

Low Cost Delivery Model

Our highly experienced team enable us to deliver at a far lower cost point than our competitors. Typical delivery team sizes are small, 2-3 specialists who leverage data analytics technology and techniques to deliver fast.

Light touch, low IT burden

Our non-invasive approach to data sourcing, allows data to be pulled from existing repositories in flexible formats enabling business validated processes to be immediately put into production or used as validated prototypes.

Connect Data From Anywhere

Out-of-the-box connectivity to key data sources eliminates the dependency on strategic data warehouse or data model definition. This allows data analytics solutions, which deliver real tangible business value, to be monetised faster.

Data Integration

We can combine previously unconnected data sets in an efficient manner by combining data from disparate sources. Through the enrichment of these data sets, we can uncover previously unseen patterns in the data and identify sources of value for our clients.

Advanced Data Visualisation

Leverage powerful data visualisation tools to bring the data story to life for users. Providing dynamic dashboard solutions to present a coherent data to stakeholders across your organisation.

Next steps

Harness your Data; Maximise your Value.

Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss our offering and how we can leverage our experience and expertise to deliver solutions to your business. You can contact us using the information below.

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