Clausematch is a global regulatory technology (RegTech) SaaS provider that helps organizations to operate safely and bring compliant products to the market. Our platform sits at the core of compliance management and empowers companies to collaborate, create, manage and review different types of compliance documents, in real time, with a complete audit trail and live insights, leading to more robust governance. With Clausematch, companies can break down organizational silos by establishing a single source of truth for their compliance content and seamlessly communicating updates to their workforce. They can swiftly adapt to changes in the market, strategy and regulations, to stay on top of compliance and build trust with the board and regulators.

The Challenge

The volume of regulations and market changes a financial institution needs to keep up with is ever-increasing, while the mantra “do more with less” has never been more in vogue. Failure to comply may result in significant fines, reputational damage, or even worse, jail time, as regulators can now hold Chief Compliance Officers personally accountable for such failures. Compliance departments must be agile to make sure the company operates safely, protecting its customers, reputation and, ultimately, its bottom line. 

The Solution

Clausematch allows financial institutions to stay on top of compliance and adapt at the speed of change. Our platform sits at the core of compliance management and provides a single source of truth to host, manage, and disseminate all types of compliance documents across the entire organization. Benefits include:

  • Collaborate in real time
    • Clausematch’s proprietary real-time editor reduces time needed to draft, review and approve compliance documents, while preventing versioning conflicts at all stages
  • Break down the silos
    • Our platform allows banks to break down organizational silos by offering a single source of truth for compliance content management and distribution across the organization
  • Strengthen governance 
    • Leverage Clausematch’s advanced metadata, and AI-powered mapping and tagging capabilities to connect policies, procedures, and controls down to a granular, paragraph level, and make sure no document is outdated
  • Prevent liability 
    • Mitigate corporate and director-level liability. Leverage our data-driven, intelligent, automated reminders and workflows to stay on top of compliance and take control of every update, at all times
  • Cut compliance costs
    • Automate and streamline processes, reduce time to draft, approve and review documents, with no additional resources, and slash costs by up to 30%
  • Build trust with the board and regulators
    • Evidence compliance, with a complete audit trail that tracks and stores all modifications made to a document, build reports and dashboards to demonstrate that staff is adherent and all is in place to meet the most recent requirements and guidelines
  • Adapt at the speed of business 
    • Whether you need to comply with new regulations, launch new products or expand to new geographies, Clausematch enables you to stay on top of compliance by digitizing and speeding up document management processes 
  • Standardize documents
    • Ensure policies, procedures, and controls follow the same standard in terms of format, structure, and tone, across all departments and functions
  • Automate tedious tasks
    • No more back and forth of emails and manual processes. With Clausematch, you can seamlessly manage policies, procedures and controls and free up your team to focus on high-value tasks

Next steps

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