The Challenge

Asset managers are facing continued pressure on margins with the compression of fees, and the need to maintain large technological and staffing overhead. The evolving regulatory, market and investor landscape has increased pressure to continue investment in technology, often resulting in fragmented, complex systems that don’t enjoy the synergies that technology should enable.

The Solution

Complete support of the investment management life cycle

Coremont provides web-based portfolio management tools and outsourcing services across all asset management functions, including risk services, operations, treasury and regulatory and investor reporting.


Strength and resilience

Coremont is built on a battle-tested infrastructure with the capacity to support high trading volumes in all instrument types. Coremont’s proprietary pricing models and analytics help clients navigate the daily demands of trading and risk management, with advanced capabilities in derivatives.


Pedigree and experience

Coremont was spun out from Brevan Howard, one of the world’s most successful absolute return investment managers, in 2018 and provides services to a wide range of institutions across all asset classes, including fixed income, currencies, equities and commodities.

The Importance


  • Helps customers significantly reduce costs in terms of technology, market data and staffing
  • Minimal implementation effort for customers
  • A battle-tested infrastructure with the capacity to support institutionally-high numbers of portfolio managers, fund vehicles, instrument types and transactions



  • Highly accomplished investment professionals helping customers navigate the demands of risk management, constantly-evolving regulation and business growth
  • Global customer support with offices in London, Hong Kong and New York


Analytics and data

  • Highly stable and accurate proprietary pricing models actively used by portfolio managers and investment professionals to manage risk across all major asset classes with strong capabilities in OTC and listed derivatives
  • Consistency: trading, risk management and accounting underpinned by the same pricing framework

Next steps

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