The Challenge

Knowing about regulatory change is one thing. Having the regulatory intelligence and analytical capabilities to understand the impact of regulatory change on your business is a very different matter. It may take days or even weeks to re-evaluate your compliance status and remediate non-compliant gaps, especially when you are a financial institution operating in multi-jurisdictional, multi-state, and cross-border environments. Despite exponential growth in regulation, constant amendments and conflicting obligations, most financial institutions still rely on people and spreadsheets to capture regulatory intelligence and manage regulatory change. Siloed systems and disjointed processes hinder accurate, holistic oversight and lack immediacy. Ineffective audit trails make it challenging to prove compliance to regulators, should your business come under scrutiny. The result? Vast costs, increased compliance risk and eye-watering enforcement fines.

The Solution

CUBE is a global RegTech provider empowering regulated financial institutions to meet compliance challenges head on. They capture regulatory data from across the globe, process it and transfer it into highly contextualized and meaningful regulatory intelligence for their global customers. Applying leading techniques in machine learning, natural language processing and robotic process automation to make complete sense of regulatory data and tailor it to its customer’s profiles.

The Importance

Vast operational efficiencies and cost reduction. By automating manual processes, and minimizing or eliminating spend on outsourced resources, return-on-investment of up to 600% have been reported.
Redeployment of compliance expertise. More time is spent on high-value work, e.g. assessing the impact of regulatory change, implementing required policy and procedure changes, distributing them throughout the organization and ensuring that they are executed effectively.
Risk mitigation: Regulatory breaches, reputational harm and enforcement fines are avoided. CUBE exposes risk as soon as regulatory change occurs, enabling timely resolution. Every action and aspect of decision-making is auditable and can be evidenced in a regulatory investigation.

Next steps

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