The Challenge

Financial firms are dealing with more data than ever – and it’s going to keep on growing. Having accurate data is vital for managing risk, meeting regulatory requirements and making strategic decisions. But data formats vary from system to system and between counterparties. Legacy technology is too inflexible to deal with the complexity and volume of today’s data. Manual processes are often used to plug the gaps; rather than being temporary solutions they evolve into mission-critical functions. This leaves firms unable to respond to change and at risk of costly errors due to incorrect or poor quality data.

The Solution

Our mission is to make managing data easy. The cloud-based Duco platform empowers end-users to aggregate, normalise and reconcile data on demand – without infrastructure projects. Machine learning and our no-code functionality enables data experts to build processes in hours, not weeks or months. Firms rely on us to increase business agility, reduce risk, stay compliant with regulation and dramatically improve efficiency across a range of mission critical tasks. Customers can be live in 24 hours, get results in 30 days and return on investment in year one.

The Importance

Duco empowers you to take control of your data and free yourself from inflexible legacy systems and error-prone manual processes. Our cloud-based, self-service model provides you with unparalleled scalability. Machine learning and our proprietary Natural Rule Language allow you to build processes in just hours, without infrastructure projects. This empowers you to unlock greater agility as well as providing more visibility over your operations. Unlock huge cost and time savings compared to traditional on-premise solutions.

Next steps

The best way to discover the benefits of Duco is to see the platform in action. Use this link to book a demo: https://du.co/request-a-demo/


More information about our cloud-based data integrity solution is available on our website: https://du.co/

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