Element22 Limited

The Challenge

Structured and Unstructured data are growing exponentially for all firms. With appropriate strategy, governance and tools, this data can become a real asset for any firm, bringing efficiency and control but also driving differentiation and unique insights to beat the market.

The Solution

Whether its helping to design a multi-year programme which will transform use of data across an entire business; planning and executing new initiatives like ESG compliance under SFDR; helping with selection of technologies and data sources to solve specific analytics challenges; or simply helping clients benchmark to their peers and understand where their strengths and weaknesses are, we are focussed on delivering client value.

The Importance

We specialise in a very niche area – Data and Analytics for Financial Services – and this ensures we know the market better than anyone – trends, technologies, approaches. We can help your company to transform and most importantly, align your data strategy to your business objectives, including growth in new markets, client retention, maximising margin and delivering on the goals of sustainable finance.

Next steps

Please contact us directly. We’d be happy to talk through your current challenges and see if there are areas that we can help.

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