equitably.ai helps the asset management industry use the power of AI to become better. Delivering customised AI solutions that de-risk and maximise the impact of AI. Based at City, University of London.

The Challenge

  • Heard of the potential of AI. Know it will disrup investment processes and our investments.
  • Not sure which parts of our business or investment processes are best for applying AI. What are the best use cases for us?
  • Should we buy pre-developed AI systems or develop AI internally? If we develop AI internally how much should we develop internally vs. externally?
  • How can we be confident of the business case for AI to budget? How can we measure the impact and ROI from AI?
  • How do we best manage the organisational change aspects of AI?
  • How do we manage risks including regulatory compliance, customer data protection and privacy, liability, explainability and ethical issues (e.g. bias)?

The Solution

1. Combine proven quality-based AI, change management methods (agile, lean etc.) our team have experience in applying to financial services with
2. Leading AI tools, research and talent at City, University of London, where our team have links, company is based and
3. Co-invest with our asset manager clients in robust AI programmes and AI use cases to align incentives and reduce risk.

The Importance

In the near term, generative AI will drastically improve productivity. Over the long term it has potential to revolutionize all functions…” Jane Frase, CEO of Citi Group

We are way more than just thinking about it (AI), we are really trying to prioritize certain use cases, and then starting to invest in those and conducting experiments” Marco Argenti, CIO, Goldman Sachs

AI will disrupt the asset management industry and their investments.

Larger asset managers are already using AI. No asset manager can afford competitively to be left behind. Those that act now to have a robust AI strategy can get ahead.

Next steps

Contact us just to talk to one of our directors about AI or to conduct an agile AI review at no obligation using our project prioritization scoring tool for asset management processes.

We have access to limited funding and AI masters placements from City, University of London to co-invest with asset managers. Please contact us about any projects you are considering for a quick review and answer on our possible co-investment.

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