ESGi is a software solution designed to simplify ESG reporting for the Investment Industry. Our first use case is SFDR product level disclosures.

The Challenge

Every financial institution is faced with a growing number of complex ESG disclosure requirements. These may be voluntary disclosures such as Net Zero, or mandatory regulatory rules. Each set of disclosures requires deep analysis and interpretation of specific reporting needs. This is followed by extensive ESG data collection (typically from investees or suppliers), data standardisation and aggregation into portfolio views to then report. It is time consuming, costly and heavily reliant on ESG expertise.

The Solution

ESGi is designed to simplify this complex set of challenges, turn documented rules into transparent system logic, highlight data gaps to be closed and build a scalable platform on which multiple ESG reporting templates can be easily integrated and managed side by side. We analyse, interpret and digitise the rules for the major market disclosures, greatly reducing the burden for firms to comply. In the case of SFDR we have embedded the system logic for each of the product level PASI’s that need to be reported.

The Importance

We not only reduce the burden of regulatory analysis, ESGi also has an innovative approach to source data from investees. We use a 3 tiered model; automated data collection from public documents; bulk load any additional data you may already have on investees; and harnessing self-reporting through a real-time interface which allows you to request and challenge investee data in real time.

Next steps

If you are currently challenged to produce SFDR product level disclosures or would simply like to understand more about our unique solution, contact us at [email protected] or call us on +44 20 3968 8822. We would be very happy to set up a quick call or demonstration for your team.

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