FINBOURNE Technology

FINBOURNE builds tools that power investment data processes for everyone from start-up fund managers to global investment institutions.

The Challenge

We firmly believe financial services firms should own and control their investment data and choose the services they want to build or buy into their data. They shouldn’t have to build common infrastructure themselves.

The Solution

That’s why we built LUSID (Liberated Unified Secure Investment Data-machine) – a cloud-based open investment platform.​ It helps users automate repetitive, non-value adding activities so they can focus on more complex investment strategies. It lets them cut and view investment data in multiple ways and allows for customisation, extensibility and control. LUSID users include everyone from start-up fund managers to global investment institutions. LUSID lets the fund industry build operational models for the future and get the most out of their data.  Ultimately we let them own their own data, have better control over it and have full confidence in its fidelity.

The Importance

We are different because:

  • Our data is immutable and bi-temporal, so we always allow fund managers to retrieve precisely the data from any instant in both actual and event time.
  • LUSID lets fund managers partition and share data with entities (e.g. accountants, clients) without sending it away, losing control and making multiple copies
  • We are API-first so LUSID can also be quickly adopted by developers in their language of choice. With LUSID, you can be up and running in days. We also offer different ways to access LUSID for non-coders, e.g. an Excel add-in and a website.
  • We don’t tie users in to fixed vendor or data models; instead, they can take as much or as little of the functionality as they want, build their own bespoke workflow over the top and connect it with our marketplace vendors or their in-house solutions.
  • We work with clients to establish proof of concept in complex data environments in days.

Next steps

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