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FINBOURNE Technology was founded in December 2016 with a mission to reduce the cost of investing and increase transparency for everyone. The company has grown from seven founders to over 130 people in less than five years. Our SaaS-native solutions offer greater agility and control, designed to deliver a new standard for data management, with a faster time to market. Built as a bitemporal engine and using open APIs, LUSID® ingests and translates data across organisations’ existing operational stack and wider ecosystem. The data platform supports IBOR, ABOR, tax-lot accounting, valuation and risk workflows. While, Luminesce®, a data virtualisation engine, solves the need to find and securely gather an extended world of data in real-time, enabling deeper insights and analytics. Together, they cover a depth of critical data management processes, for start-up managers, through to global investment institutions.

The Challenge

While buy-side firms are not in the business of data management, there is no denying that data is central to investment management operations. We firmly believe financial services firms should own and control their investment data and choose the services they want to build or buy into their data.


The reality today is that many firms are struggling to aggregate and translate their investment data, across multiple systems and interfaces, into a timely and reliable, firm-wide view.


These operational barriers have also been echoed in a recently commissioned whitepaper – The Buy Side and System Consolidation – Grasping the Nettle which saw over 76% of the 52 global asset managers surveyed, experiencing significant difficulties, as a result of multiple silos in the organisation, multiple formats of data across systems, or having to manage multiple vendors and interoperability challenges.

The Solution

It is vital that the industry looks to technology that can integrate with the existing operational stack and wider ecosystem, delivering a low risk alternative to big bang transformation. And that’s what we have endeavoured to deliver with the LUSID platform. Enabling simple and easy steps to improving efficiency and supporting growth, to give you access, understanding and control of the data that you hold, starting with where you need it most.


LUSID is a cloud based open investment platform that lets you own your own data, increase control and reduce operational costs. Built as a natively bitemporal Investment Book of Record (IBOR), it controls, serves and recreates your accounting and investment data on demand. You can pull and translate trade, reference, market, risk, portfolio and performance data from multiple sources. With your core investment data in one place, you can easily produce shadow NAVs, reconcile positions and so much more.

The Importance

Why use LUSID?


  • With LUSID you can easily produce shadow NAVs – Generate instant reconciliations and on-the-fly position derivation to always return historical valuations. LUSID lets you precisely retrieve data from any instant in both actual and event time meaning all data changes are recorded and audited
  • Share data securely between clients, service suppliers and internal departments – Retain and reconcile all version of the truth over time, regardless of current state. You no longer need to send data away, lose control and make multiple copies.
  • Flexible reporting for regulators and end clients – Stay on top of regulatory reporting deadlines and enhance your client service with customised reporting tools
  • Reduce the time to implement a new system – Our partnership approach means we work with you to solve your data challenges in several weeks

Next steps

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