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FINBOURNE Technology was founded with a mission to reduce the cost of investing and increase transparency across the investment industry. We deliver the Modern Financial Data Stack – a new and interoperable approach to investment data management. Leveraging SaaS technology and a secure cloud infrastructure, we liberate, simplify and connect data, making it accessible and usable across the investment chain. We do this, by meeting the industry’s low-risk appetite for operational change, working with existing system estates, rather than creating disruptive, large-scale transformations. Our cloud-native solutions empower investment data processes and drive operational growth for emerging hedge funds to established global institutions including Fidelity International, Baillie Gifford and Railpen.

The Challenge

In a market with heightened volatility, inflation uncertainty and geopolitical disruption, being able to harness trusted and timely investment data across positions, portfolio, risk and exposure is proving more critical than ever. Combined with legacy architectures and duplicated interfaces, the reality today is that many firms are struggling to aggregate and translate their investment data, across multiple systems and interfaces, into a timely and reliable, firm-wide view.


It is clear that good data is no longer good enough for capital markets firms to truly thrive. Achieving operational resiliency relies on interoperability, through a trusted data fabric that enables you to own and control your data now and in the future.

The Solution

With FINBOURNE’s Modern Financial Data Stack, we offer a cloud-native solution to give firms access, understanding and control of the data that they hold, starting with where firms need it most, and from day one.


Our interoperable SaaS data management platform, in the form of an immutable data store, is built with innate financial sense and a translation engine that makes sense of disparate data sets. Our technology integrates with your existing operational stack and wider ecosystem, to address workflow inefficiencies and open up data securely accessible across the organisation.

The Importance

FINBOURNE’s cloud-native Modern Financial Data Stack forms a robust data fabric, improving access, control and understanding of data. Empowered with instantaneous access to trusted data and the ability to interpret data on their own terms, firms can future-proof their business and remove the inadequacies that are hindering operations today. Ultimately, it delivers the timeliness, transparency and trust that will move firms from operating at cost to operating at margin again.


Data storage and management:

  • View full data lineage and gain secure access to organisational data, with an immutable cloud-native data store and a secure entitlements engine.


Financial Functionality:

  • Access trusted data across investment functions instantaneously, with data management addressed at a foundational level.


Technical capabilities:

  • Restore control and confidence in your data, with an API-first approach and integrations to a horizon of external innovation.
  • Gain powerful insights with an extensible data model, leveraging bitemporality and built-in financial sense.

Next steps

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