The Challenge

Asset management firms do not have a single centralised repository for all product related static and dynamic information. Instead they rely on multiple teams updating and maintaining the data that is relevant to them in their own preferred formats. With an increase demand for data from regulators across the globe, and subsequently from distribution partners, the need to consolidate the various disparate data sources into a centralised solution for quick, accurate retrieval has been identified.

The Solution

Collect, store, disseminate and reconcile static, price and portfolio data – from any TPA and to any third party
Reduce time and resources spent collating and preparing fund data for existing distributor amd regulatory requirements
Reduce time and resources required to modify or produce new reports/templates for distributors or regulators
Increase access to fund information for relevant teams
Reduce risk associated with providing wrong data
Reduce time to market
Provide a centralised platform for maintaining and retrieving all product data and associated documents
Provide meaningful KPIs and management information about the ongoing quality of data.

The Importance

The ongoing increase in regulation and associated reporting can no longer be ignored. The amount of product data stored by asset management firms as part of business as usual is also increasing. Firms can no longer make do without a robust data governance strategy and software solution.

Next steps

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