FundSense works with Investment Managers to implement Automated Workflows, Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technology wherever it is needed across the business. This delivers drastic improvements in efficiency across internal and client operations – from eliminating manual processes and spreadsheets, to improving the availability and flow of information. By leveraging all available data, the platform enables users to make better, faster and more informed decisions through access to powerful Business Intelligence and Management Information. The FundSense platform is built with a no code / low code approach, which means that business apps can be developed and deployed quickly and efficiently – up to 20x faster than traditional methods.

The Challenge

Across every department of Investment Management firms, processes can be inefficient, manual, error-prone and slow. This is caused by the widespread use of spreadsheets, legacy systems and siloed processes – all with limited governance. The ability to communicate and collaborate effectively across departments is limited, as is the ability to obtain actionable insights into where the problems lie.

To effectively solve these problems, firms need to use a combination of technologies including Business Process Management, Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning and a powerful Workflow tool, which would previously have meant engaging with a number of vendors.

The Solution

The FundSense platform includes workflow tools for fund launches, client / regulatory reporting & data management; a powerful document analyser to extract and verify any information in Factsheets, KIIDs, contracts etc. and chatbots / web portals for staff, advisers and customers.

Incorporating Robotic Process Automation, Business Process Management & Artificial Intelligence, our solutions are fully customisable to ensure that every process is optimised for both organisation and user.

FundSense eliminates manual processes, error-prone tasks and over-reliance on spreadsheets / inefficient systems, enabling improved governance and compliance across the entire organisation.

The Importance

FundSense is run by a team with decades of experience in financial services and implementing digital process improvements at global organisations.

Our mission is to provide unparalleled solutions that increase efficiency, governance & collaboration across all departments at financial services firms.

The FundSense platform is built on low-code / no-code  technology which allows us to deliver standardised tool sets and environments to clients, whilst simultaneously customising the workflows and processes to meet exact requirements. This approach allows us to deliver solutions much faster than traditional providers – from proof of concept through to minimum viable product and full deployment.

Next steps

We are always happy to provide a demonstration of any of our solutions, tailored to your requirements.​

To further demonstrate our capabilities, we can provide a free proof of concept built to your specification.

Please contact us at [email protected] or to discuss how FundSense can help your organisation.

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