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The Challenge

Owners or managers of property assets need to become better aware of their increasing exposure to flood risk. This risk can affect insurability, useability, valuation of assets and present mitigation challenges.

High level flood risk assessments are unlikely to provide the granularity required for effective risk management, reporting and TCFD disclosure.

How does your company understand and respond to these risks?

The Solution

Our FloodSmart Analytics engine enables asset owners or managers to accurately and rapidly assess flood risk in their portfolios.
We provide summation of complex flooding over time, derived from multiple sources, each controlled by separate factors, with different frequency, duration, cost and predictions for the future which cover a range of possible climate change impact scenarios.
Our Flood Reports provide building level detail supported by with hundreds of flood data points and if required, our specialist flood risk consultants who can provide tailored advice and explanationsmitigation options if required.

Next steps

To arrange a demonstration of FloodSmart Analytics please contact us at [email protected] and we will be pleased to help you.



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