VENDOR iQ by Graphene is the worlds most advanced vendor management platform for financial services. Built by sector experts and enhanced through state of the art technology and data the VENDOR iQ team are at the heart of the biggest opportunity in the industry in over a decade. With VENDOR iQ wealth and asset managers are enhancing operational resilience and generating return on vendor investment (ROVI) by elevating sub optimal supply chain processes in a fragmented B2B marketplace.

The Challenge

The Daunting Task of Effective Vendor Management


Financial services businesses of all sizes face the daunting task of effectively managing vendors while navigating complex and ever-changing landscapes.


Streamlining procurement processes and ensuring efficient vendor management are key challenges to reduce risks, drive cost savings, and fuel strategic growth. With the ongoing evolution of the marketplace and regulatory obligations surrounding vendor selection and oversight rising, businesses urgently need a solution that addresses these challenges and reduces a liability that could potentially result in business failure.

The Solution



Redefining Vendor Management – An Intersection of Innovation and Expertise


VENDOR iQ by Graphene combines state-of-the-art technology and industry expertise to provide financial services businesses with a vendor management solution without any residual costs to your business. Our toolset, powered by curated data and advanced analytics, revolutionises procurement and vendor management.


By leveraging VENDOR iQ Intelligence, VENDOR iQ Assurance, and VENDOR iQ Operations, businesses can easily identify value for money, streamline vendor management, reduce costs, mitigate risks, and gain a strategic advantage.


Supply chain management

The Importance

VENDOR iQ: The crucial cornerstone of any financial firm’s vendor management strategy


In an era of increasing competition and regulatory complexity, VENDOR iQ is essential.


Its robust solution secures vendor management, cost reduction, and risk mitigation to make sure firms meet and exceed regulatory expectations, deliver value for money, and position themselves for sustainable growth.


Steer clear of regulatory headaches, cost overruns, and vendor tensions by adopting VENDOR iQ.

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