Gretel is the award-winning AI-enabled platform from IntelliTeq, that transforms retail client tracing and reconnection from a reactive, repetitive, and often costly, process which can take months or even years, into a simple and accessible 3-minute digital one.

The Challenge

20 million people in the UK are disconnected from £50bn in investments and savings across the financial services industry. It is estimated that 1m of these are retail clients of the I&WM sector.


Institutions are required to maintain accurate customer data, reconnect with lost customers, and return monies they are owed. High levels of consolidation, M&A activity and changing brands, leave retail clients not knowing how or where to reconnect and, where a retail client’s circumstances have changed, firms equally face challenges in efficiently re-establishing contact.


The industry has historically lacked the technology capable of centralising and simplifying this process.

The Solution

Gretel provides a fully integrated real-time digital channel that enables customers to directly reconnect with multiple member firms in a quick and accessible customer journey.


Gretel combines the benefits of Open Banking with bespoke APIs to deliver a centralised solution for customer reconnection, helping individuals stay connected to their money while rediscovering what they may already have forgotten about. At the same time, Gretel seamlessly provides verified and authenticated customer data back to the financial institutions to assist them in a multitude of compliance, operational efficiency, and customer service scenarios.

The Importance

Gretel will eliminate much of the need for traditional tracing used by member firms by providing a single gateway through which retail clients can quickly reconnect. This will dramatically reduce costs, improve outcomes for both member firms and their clients and increase compliance with regulatory obligations around data quality and treatment of orphan and dormant assets.


Further, with it’s always on functionality, Gretel will actively address customer disconnection as it arises ensuring rapid intervention and remediation.

Next steps

To arrange an initial meeting and platform demonstration, please contact Duncan Stevens, CEO directly via email at: [email protected]

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