ICS provides a modern, cloud-native data platform – ATHENA – utilised for investment data management and reporting by the buy-side industry across the globe.

The Challenge

Market Drivers/Challenges

  • An explosion in both old and new investment data types available (ESG data being one)
  • Increased pressure from investors and regulators to provide more transparency across investments

Technical Challenges

  • Excel still a dominant data management tool
  • Legacy data management platforms are burdened with:
    • platforms based on old technology
    • supporting a large client base on multiple versions and deployment methods
    • a struggle to offer solutions and support at competitive rates, especially for the market between 1 – 100bn FUM
  • Most platforms (old and new) are still geared towards technical users

The Solution

The solution is built as a true, cloud-native SaaS offering to deliver:

  • BUSINESS USER FIRST: More than 90% of usage within ATHENA are business users getting value out of the data.
  • SCALE: ATHENA scales seamlessly with your data demands and requirements.
  • SEAMLESS UPGRADES: ICS hosts and manages ATHENA for its clients including upgrades.
  • BEST PRACTICE SUPPORT: All clients run on the same version of ATHENA globally.
  • COMMUNITY-BASED CONFIGURATIONS: ATHENA contains a configuration library based on a shared client community approach.
  • ALL-INCLUSIVE PRICING: No upselling or modular approach. Cost certainty for our clients.

The Importance

Data management projects are no longer multi million dollar, multi-year projects. ICS (and ATHENA) is the proof of this. We can have clients up and running in as short as 3 months with multiple use-cases.

Our vision is to be the preferred investment data platform, while collaborating and partnering with the many other modern platforms and technologies changing how we operate in the industry such as Snowflake, Databricks and more.

Next steps

We recommend taking a quick look at our website: https://www.icsidm.com/

Also hear from our clients: https://www.icsidm.com/clientexperience

If you are ready to progress your conversation, reach out directly to one of the co-founders, Christian Eriksen ([email protected]).

At ICS, we understand that going through the process of evaluating and acquiring a data platform and partner, is often an activity you are likely to only go through once in your career. At ICS, however, we have done this many times. The role of Christian and his team is to help reduce the complexity of your journey without compromising integrity and due process.

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