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Instinct is a design-led fintech firm that exists to simplify the complex world of investment reporting. We offer an integrated suite of reporting solutions that help investment firms to digitally engage and communicate with their investors across marketing, sales and client services. Powering all of our solutions is AMID, our digital-first investment communication platform, that unifies reporting assets, digitises investment communication and optimises reporting operations. Digital to our core, we combine digital design and UX skills with deep investment management industry expertise to deliver new perspectives and alternative ways for investment firms to communicate in a digital age.

The Challenge

Financial institutions face several challenges as they seek to drive investment performance and meet the ever-increasing demands of investors.

  • Digital engagement – The global pandemic has accelerated digital transformation as investment managers explore new and innovative ways to engage with their clients and prospective clients alike. Investors continue to demand access to their investment data and managers are seeking creative ways to provide insights via engaging and innovative digital communication channels.
  • Asset diversification – Continued fee pressures are resulting in portfolios needing further diversify across a wide range of strategies. This has generated a substantial increase in M&A activity, resulting in investment managers having to provide a seamless & consistent reporting experience across traditional and illiquid asset classes.
  • Increased regulation – Sustainable investing remains at the forefront of nearly all investment decisions, with regulators and investors demanding a greater degree of transparency when it comes to ESG.

The Solution

Investment firms use Instinct’s AMID digital-first investment communication platform to digitally engage and communicate with their investors across the entire value chain from marketing and sales through to client services and report production. AMID enables investment firms to deliver accurate data, consistent reporting standards and a superior client reporting experience – faster and at scale across digital and traditional channels – all from one single platform.

Our solutions powered by AMID span across the entire investment value chain from marketing and sales through to client services and report production:

• Fund Explorer for marketing – delivers digital fund reporting experiences and fund centres across global and local distribution channels that drive product engagement and increase investment transparency.
• Sales Engage for sales – brings sales focused content, up-to-date and digital fund reporting together in one place to increase sales productivity.
• Client Connect for client services – delivers secure and targeted digital client reporting experiences to retail, professional and institutional investor clients across all asset classes including alternatives and provides a single client facing reporting experience.
• Report Runner for report production – automates report production and delivers full process automation to service marketing, sales and client services’ report production needs. These teams benefit from saving time to produce and deliver large volumes of reports from days to minutes.

The Importance

We believe effective investment communication provides clients with an opportunity to deliver exceptional service, increase client retention and to differentiate and be successful within a highly competitive marketplace.

We offer an investment communication platform that brings investment firms and their clients together; it helps investment firms to digital engage and communicate with their investors. We deliver new perspectives and alternative ways for investment firms to communicate and interact in a digital age.

We strive to create intuitive and immersive investment experiences that re-invent traditional investment reporting models. We inspire unique perspectives and enable investment organisations to better serve and empower end investors to make better informed investment decisions anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Next steps

Please visit to find out more or email us at [email protected].


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