Intellibonds Ltd

The Challenge

The problem we’re solving is an ever-increasing cost base that is eroding margins in the fixed income asset management, making traditional business model barely viable. On one hand, fees are declining due to product proliferation, competition and disruption brought by the surge in passive strategies. On the other hand, costs are increasing due to increased regulatory burdens, competition for talent and increasing technology spending to modernize the outdated legacy infrastructure systems. At the same time, asset managers are under pressure from clients and regulators to deliver value for money which puts industry into a rather difficult position.

The Solution

An AI/Human collaborative SaaS platform that empowers fixed income front-office teams through a combination of robotic process automation and AI-augmented decision-making. The platform is comprised of two products:

Portfolio Assist – intelligent portfolio construction and rebalancing as well as backtesting of systematic fixed-income investment strategies. Whether you’re a buy-to-maintain, total return or liability-driven investor our platform can enhance returns and reduce portfolio risks within minutes instead of days.

Credit Assist – credit rating predictions, ratio forecasts and multi-algorithm trade idea generation with bespoke calibration available to each client. The configurable nature of our platform allows for a combination of IB predictive scores with clients’ quantitative or AI models, allowing for the creation of bespoke investment products.

Our platform monitors your holdings and proactively indicates expected risk or return changes 24/7 even when the user isn’t present. Using the FDC3 protocol, we also support interoperability, allowing investment professionals to observe live trading data.

The Importance

On average, users can improve portfolio investment returns in between 20 and 80 bps for the same or lower level of risk. Furthermore, our platform doubles the productivity of fixed income front office teams and improves the quality of decision-making. We would expect institutional investors to operate with a 20-30% lower cost base 12 months after deploying our product.

Next steps

We would like companies to engage directly with Marc Steiner ([email protected]) for product-related matters. Anything else can be redirected to the Contact Us section of our website.

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