The Challenge

In the financial markets, large amounts of files are sent out every day. Files files are almost routinely used in situations where they are not a sensible tool of choice, leading to losses and discrepancies through version control issues, outdated information or user errors. Any workflow based around file sharing is inefficient and not secure, costing companies through manual everyday labour.

The Solution

ipushpull is a cloud based real-time data sharing, collaboration and workflow automation platform. Used across sell-side and buy-side, and front to back office, ipushpull improves workflow efficiency by allowing cross application secure, audited, access-controlled live data sharing, collaboration and workflow automation. The API first platform handles static, live and streaming data with APIs, integrations and connectors into many data platforms and services.

The Importance

The ipushpull solution removes the need to share files and version control issues that are associated with files. By introducing interoperability between applications and the ability to share real time data, as well as automation of everyday tasks, firms can reduce operational risks and costs, while improving efficiency and productivity.

Next steps

To get in touch with the team, please email [email protected] or fill out our call back form: www.ipushpull.com

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