The Challenge

Investment groups are battling their own complexity. A typical firm has more than two dozen different investment applications. This mix of legacy internal and external systems do not speak to one another, are not used across teams and do not support engagement with clients. As a result, there is too much distance between investment teams, the products they manage and their end clients. This has to change.

The Solution

Jacobi is a powerful and customisable suite of tools to streamline portfolio design, management and engagement. The technology is like no other. Jacobi is top-down and outcome focused. Sitting above bottom-up platforms, investment teams can integrate their data, forward projections and models to scale portfolio design and management processes. Jacobi is highly customisable. Users create dashboards to support their different work-flows. They code directly onto the platform and connect inputs and outputs easily. Jacobi is built with client engagement in mind. The platform can be shared across an organisation to empower collaboration and brings investment teams closer to their clients.

The Importance

Investment firms must transform in the face of increasing market, regulatory and economic pressures. Financial markets are delivering new challenges as risk-factor investing, ESG awareness and the rise of AI overshadows fundamental investment approaches. Regulators are pushing firms to have full visibility and governance over their processes, models, products and client communications. Increased competition is forcing asset managers to look beyond the traditional fund for new sources of revenue and new services to offer. Ultimately, Jacobi helps investment groups to transform how they design their products, govern their processes and engage with end clients.

Next steps

Just like our technology, we’re flexible! Contact [email protected] for more information or visit our website at: www.jacobistrategies.com

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