Maanch Engagement Tracker, is a cloud-based solution designed to track, report, and analyse all portfolio engagements, fostering enhanced collaboration, transparency, and adherence to global regulations.

The Challenge

  • 93% of asset managers use manual processes (spreadsheets) for tracking engagements with portfolio companies.
  • Fragmented data sources, manual logistics, and poor communication hinder effective engagement and data management between investors and portfolio companies.
  • Moreover, this limits the capabilities of asset managers to meet evolving needs of complying with regulatory reporting requirements.

The Solution

Optimise your stewardship activities with Maanch Engagement Tracker.

A perfect solution for efficient data capturing and reporting for all engagements with portfolio companies.

The Importance

Let’s face it, excel for engagement management isn’t really cutting it anymore.

Savvy investors now use purpose-built technology to optimise the engagement process. Maanch Engagement Tracker is ready-to-use and can be customised upon request.

Next steps

We’d love to understand where you are in your stewardship journey of efficiently monitoring, reporting and analysing your portfolio engagements for better collaboration and compliance with global regulations.

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