The Challenge

Companies are under increasing pressure from their stakeholders to manage all of their operations responsibly and demonstrate positive impact. Investment valuations and performance are changing to reflect these new risks and opportunities. The investment industry is aware that ESG and SDG factors are becoming an integral part of how they must work and what they must offer to stay competitive. In short, effective impact management is now required.

However, despite all the profile and collective initiatives, it is still difficult to find a clear and practical way to manage and communicate impact. In response to this challenge, Maanch provides impact technology for enterprise-wide systems, enabling better insight and allocation decisions, as well as effective stewardship and communication, for all impact stakeholders. The dashboards and impact analytics that make up our M INVEST solution can accelerate your organisation’s impact and help achieve the UN SDGs.



The Solution


(M)-Invest solutions enable forward-thinking organisations to make impact-inclusive decisions. Asset managers and clients can allocate capital to investments with the greatest impact, and companies can identify and visualise their impact across operations.

Maanch works with the data sets important to the organisation/funds and aggregates them into easy to use dashboards and reports to help communicate and make better impact decisions

Maanch helps to enable active stewardship of portfolio companies; effective engagement tracking to ensure impact targets & objectives are set and being achieved. 

Asset managers and advisers can readily access all portfolio companies’ financial & impact information, streamlining data aggregation for due diligence activities




The Importance

The demand on firms from regulators, clients and other stakeholders is to provide increasingly robust funds and products for sustainable investing. Firms need to show that they understand impact, not just through a ESG lens but also in terms of more active and intentional investments which deliver social and environmental returns as well as financial ones (eg. SDG funding).


Next steps

Open up a discussion with us based on your own impact objectives and challenges. Let’s work together to develop the most meaningful solutions for your firm.

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