NayaOne revolutionises innovation in financial services. We provide banks with a single point access of to hundreds of fintechs and datasets, through our Digital Sandbox and Fintech-as-a Service offering. Regulated firms are able to discover, build, evaluate and scale with fintechs in a matter of weeks instead of months

The Challenge

Identifying potential Fintech partners is the easy bit. Testing and validating their capability is difficult, expensive and time-consuming.
1. Bringing potential suppliers onto your technology estate raises security challenges.

2. Procurement and Governance processes demands onboarding of all potential suppliers.

3. Sourcing fit for purpose datasets is complex and creates security risks.

The Solution

The NayaOne platform provides an off-estate, SaaS solution for clients to test and validate Fintech solutions using fit-for-purpose, synthetic data sets. A Fintech marketplace (API’s), a Data marketplace and experimentation environments all accessed through a single connection. Clarity and governance for innovation leaders through a single pane of glass dashboard.

The Importance

Save Time: PoC’s in 6 weeks instead of 9 months.

Save Money: Onboarding, legal, IT and data resource requirements are dramatically reduced.

Raise Quality: Higher frequency like-for-like testing improves the quality of solutions taken forward.

Engage the ecosystem: Encourage Fintechs to build on your capability.

Simplify Innovation: A single view of all your innovation projects for clarity and governance.

Next steps

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