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Opus Nebula has a single product, Reporting as a Service. Reporting as a Service is a cloud-native, SaaS, multi-tenant reporting system. This model brings significant benefits to investment firms, including: – No internal reporting system: Our clients no longer need to manage, maintain and develop their own reporting system, and suffer all the costs and risks that this brings. – World-class reporting and improved client servicing: Our clients have access to a modern, flexible and powerful reporting system. The system is configured to produce reports exactly as you require, content, layout, branding, commentary, tables, charts etc. etc. Allowing you to service your clients better. We are ISO 9001 certified. – Cost effective: Our set up costs have been calculated to generate an 80% saving compared to a traditional in-house solution, and on-going costs we would expect to be 50% of your current costs. – Rapid on-boarding: 6 to 8 weeks, rather than 1-2 years for a traditional model. – User controlled: Our clients’ users self-serve and manage the end to end report production process, bringing 500%+ productivity improvements to the team. The system enforces best practices. – Lower risk: We are reporting experts, project risk and operational risk are both lowered. – Secure and resilient: Securely hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud. We are ISO 27001 certified.

The Challenge

Investment firms have, for many years, been under mounting downward pressure on their management fees and therefore their revenues and profitability have been under pressure. Additionally, they have been under increasing pressure from their clients, Regulators and internal departments to deliver “more”. In our case, “more” reporting, more personalised reporting, more timely reporting, more extensive and new reporting (think ESG). Thus, investment firms need to do “more” for less cost.

Simply carrying on with the same systems, same processes, same operating model, will of course, give the same old answer – the pressures will remain, and the investment firms will suffer and decline.

A new model is required, and for Client, Fund and Investor reporting – our Reporting as a Service, cloud-native, SaaS solution is that new model. At a stroke solving the challenge of “doing more with less”.

For all investment reporting: client, fund and investor, our solution delivers what investment firms need. Our system provides world-class reporting, automates the end to end process, and brings scale and efficiency to reporting teams. Our clients save circa 80% of the set-up cost by using our solution compared with a traditional build, and our on-going costs are circa 50% less than they currently pay.

So with our Reporting as a Service solution, our clients self-serve, are more efficient, improve their reporting, and are future proofed – while significantly reducing their costs.

The Solution

Reporting as a Service is designed to improve and simplify all types of client, fund, investor and regulatory reporting. Like all great solutions, our reporting service is simple to understand and use; Your data, your team, our system, your reports.

We ensure “our system” is available 24×7 to support all our clients’ reporting needs.

The solution is self-service, whereby our clients’ reporting teams use our system to produce reports for their underlying clients and internal teams. The system provides huge flexibility and control to the users, so they can produce exactly the reports required, in terms of content, layout and branding – with no recourse to IT or technical teams. The users control and manage the entire end to end process, from data ingestion and data validation, through report scheduling, review and approval, to report despatch and storage – all automated and controlled by the reporting team.

The high levels of automation mean that the reporting team gain capacity and efficiency, allowing them to produce more reports, more complex reports and more timely reports.

The Importance

Client reporting is often the most frequent touchpoint with a client.  The reports must be accurate, complete and timely – every time. Our solution cannot produce a report that is incomplete, inaccurate or stale. Also all reports have a complete audit trail that is automatically produced that details every step in the production and distribution process. 

Reporting as a Service produces highly personalised reports, in terms of content and layout.  Our proprietary commentary management system allows for highly personalised letters and investment commentary to be created within the minimum of effort and integrated into the reports. 

Client reporting has become a differentiator and clients and investors now expect highly personalised reports, on time and accurate every time. That’s what Reporting as a Service delivers. 

Next steps

If you are struggling with any aspects of your reporting: volume, cost, complexity, content, personalisation etc. please get in touch.

We would love to hear about your current challenges and your future plans, and show you our solution, and how we will solve your current challenges and future proof your reporting going forward. 

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