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Generate accurate quantifiable insights for a more informed and efficient process. True AI technologies such as Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) ensure high-performing data-driven decisions.

The Challenge

Unstructured data (e.g. text and audio, which makes up 90% of all data) contains business critical and predictive information. Both asset management and capital market institutions are constantly seeking better solutions to improve efficiency and lower operation cost.

The barrier to the utilisation of unstructured data is high, in terms of technical challenges and knowledge. Processing unstructured data requires a full technical stack for big data consumption, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, which traditionally is not common place amongst institutions and vendors. Decision makers are sometimes hesitant due to the lack of successful use cases and heavy up-front costs.

The Solution

Orbit products have been developed for alpha generation and operational efficiency across the wider spectrum of the financial industry which includes but not exclusive to asset managers, hedge funds, investment banks, insurances and intermediates.

All barriers to entry have been lowered so the wider financial investment industry can access the products they need to improve their processes, increasing efficiency and often lowering costs.

Orbit has developed a range of individual solutions which can work in isolation or as part of an end-to-end solution. These technologies can be delivered off-the-shelf via our online SaaS platform Orbit Vision or as a tailored integration into your current technology stack.

Payment is equally as flexible and offers a unit-based consumption pricing model or a fixed term payment structure.

The Importance

Larger financial institutions to data vendors through to smaller asset managers all take advantage of the data sourcing and management and analytical capabilities of Orbit. Manage unstructured data in real time to vastly improve operating efficiency, revenue generation and intelligent, informed decision making. Orbit increases operational efficiency by replacing outdated manual processes with AI-driven automated technologies.



Next steps

To talk through your challenges and our solutions, arrange a call/demo please use the information below:

Da Wei, Director – [email protected]

Matt Clover, Operations – [email protected]


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