B.V. offers a software solution that combines public and proprietary data to empower advanced analytics, providing critical business insights. It is an open, cloud-native, turnkey analytics solution built on stringent security certified services.

The Challenge

Data can unlock meaningful, actionable insights for market participants. The problem is that markets data and proprietary data can be siloed and varied in format and structure. These factors inhibit timely analysis and interpretation of the data. This often leads to missed opportunities. Rising data volumes compound the issue, and to date, market participants have struggled to find a solution.

The Solution

Propellant technology allows customers to combine public and proprietary data, remove the ‘noise’, normalise all fields and optimize it for analysis. It is a versatile platform capable of huge processing power. This processing power presents users with clear, unambiguous analyses suited to a time-critical trading environment. Propellant’s dynamic visualization tools enable users to identify trends, anomalies, patterns, and investment opportunities in an instant.

The Importance

Propellant combines, normalises, organises and analyses proprietary data and external market data to produce a holistic intelligence resource, and thereby steer decision-making. It is a unique solution to a growing challenge and distinct opportunity in the ‘big data’ era.

Next steps

To find out how Propellant could boost your business insights, just send us an email and introduce yourself. Visit our website to find out more about our cloud-native solutions, API connectivity, recent industry award wins, and more.

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