Red Marker

We use AI and automation to remove the manual work behind legal and compliance reviews of marketing, identifying legal and brand risk in documents and on websites, and providing suggested remediation to address risks.

The Challenge

  • Complex and dynamic regulations necessitate efficient, scalable compliance processes.
  • Marketing teams need improved methods for creating compliant content from inception.
  • Delays in compliance and legal approval of assets can slow down revenue-generating activity.
  • Many businesses rely on inadequate technology, such as email and spreadsheets, to manage this critical process.
  • Despite its significance, the optimisation of the marketing compliance review process is typically overlooked.
  • Inefficiency and a lack of transparency often strain cross-functional relations between marketing and compliance/legal.

The Solution

Red Marker helps investment firms efficiently ensure marketing and advertising compliance by employing AI and tailored logic to automate risk detection.

Our solution caters to the asset management and capital markets industry by offering a powerful tool that is customised to local industry regulations, as well as the unique internal guidelines of the business, in order to provide an effective and streamlined approach to addressing compliance requirements within the sector.

The Importance

We empower investment firms to transcend outdated technology and use AI to enhance the marketing compliance process. This results in optimized resource allocation, and swift, tailored, consistent risk identification. The outcome ensures that advertising and marketing content consistently adheres to regulatory requirements. Marketing compliance is critical and no longer needs to be an afterthought.

Next steps

Schedule a consultation to discover how Red Marker can transform and streamline your current processes and experience the future of marketing compliance.



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