Ruleguard is an industry-leading provider of GRC solutions for the financial services industry. At Ruleguard we understand the ever-changing regulatory landscape and the problems that must be solved for our clients to manage their day-to-day operations.

The Challenge

An ever-changing regulatory environment requires firms to identify the changes impacting their business and to adapt their processes and controls quickly to meet those requirements.  It can be time consuming and overwhelming to be constantly monitoring rule changes from various supervisory bodies both in the UK and internationally.  Senior Management require evidence to demonstrate that business risks are being managed effectively.  Collating data from various sources to generate timely management information, enable decision making and facilitate oversight is a key requirement.

The Solution

Ruleguard has been designed to help you demonstrate and evidence compliance, by using its comprehensive rules-mapping, risk and control tools, automated reporting features and powerful dashboards. At its core, Ruleguard is a single unifying solution for all your compliance processes and procedures for managing your ongoing compliance.

Our SaaS-delivered software platform has been designed to manage the complex and burdensome issues associated with regulatory compliance, especially when processes and procedures in place are manual and fragmented widely across multiple departments and systems.

The Importance

Using Ruleguard will enable you to show regulators and auditors how your business has complied with the rules, including providing effective governance and oversight to your firm.

Next steps

If you’re interested in learning more about how Ruleguard helps regulated firms, why not arrange a demonstration?

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