SESAMm is a leading company in alternative data and artificial intelligence, delivering global investment firms and corporations data-driven insight and investment analytics. With 6 offices including Paris, New York, London, and Tokyo, SESAMm works with major hedge funds, banks, private equity firms, corporate and asset management clients around the world for fundamental or quantitative investment use cases and market and competitive insights.

The Challenge

The investment industry is rapidly evolving and the democratization of Artificial Intelligence and the tremendous amount of alternative data presents opportunities and challanges.  With regards to web data, there is a huge and growing corpus of unstructured content online in hundreds of different languages, which requires increasingly sophisticated Natural Language technologies to extract valuable insights on public and private companies.

The Solution

At SESAMm we have developed a modular Natural Language Processing Platform TextReveal® which enables data scientists and investment professionals to generate insights and analytics from a huge data-lake of 20 billion web-based articles and messages.  We cover more than 5 million entities and insights can be delivered via an API, web-based dashboards and pre-processed daily data feeds,

The Importance

Many different types of data sources are emerging, called Alternative Data. According to Deloitte, the number of alternative data analysts has more than quadrupled over the last five years. Moreover, 59% consider Big Data and Alternative Data to be important elements of the research process.

These types of data aim to help investment companies gather new information and improve their performance and risk management.

Moreover, the use of Machine Learning technology is a critical element in processing and testing large amounts of data.

Next steps

Our Sales and project management team are available at any time at the following email address: [email protected] to answer questions and/or request a demonstration.

Further details about SESAMm and our solutions can be found directly on our website:

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