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At SIGMA we saw a fundamental problem in the market: Traders need access to a set of tools that are faster, smarter and easier to use.

The Challenge

We hope that people and firms can start to trade in instruments they don’t necessarily know about. We help find patterns at scale and help traders build more effective trade signals. In futures, a trader needs consider more than just price and out compound strategy builder can help do exactly that. We want to shine a technology light on opportunities, help traders monitor and be alerted to shifts and in derivatives where leverage can create more risk, we think that is key.

The Solution

We aim to ensure firms get access to real-time analytics at a scale previously unachievable, helping them make better trading decisions, reduce risk and increase trading opportunities. This delivers better market participation across a broader range of liquidity. We have deployed generative AI from the music industry – using waveform pattern matching and AI based signal processing – to help firms and traders find patterns in the market. Our AI Machine Learning algorithms are some of the most accurate in the world, enabling traders to spot momentum shifts and improve the timing of trades. But in addition our engineers are from social media and music platforms: they are used to massive participation and concurrent activity. Our data platform is built from the ground up to be highly scalable, low latency and completely data agnostic. We can therefore invest financial or non-financial data and find patterns or sentiment in real-time.

The Importance

The patent filing we’re proceeding with and the signal processing AI Machine Learning edge means in our view there are few who can get near the ability to spot complex patterns at the scale and speed we can. We have a no-code (drag and drop) trade signal builder that is super intuitive and a pleasure to use – because it was designed by people in social media and music who expect fast, easy, intuitive tools. We’re also building a hugely innovative Natural Language Processing system for sentiment analysis and natural language pattern recognition.

Next steps

Empowering human decision making.

Please do get in contact if you would like a demonstration or to find out more!

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