The Solution

Reseo is the new and exciting proposition for servicing the global B2B Investment Management industry.

It’s a ground breaking investor centric e-Business ID which solves the decades-old problem of lengthy and often paper-based onboarding, by catapulting the process into the digital world.

The unique Reseo e-Business ID sits in between the Investor, Asset Manager and Administrator, and is easily accessed through an intuitive digital dashboard.

Reseo brings state-of-the-art technology to the market and is tailored to your organisation. Once set up, it offers you multiple benefits:

  • Enables swift execution of your investment transactions which can be in a matter of minutes instead of weeks
  • Provides you with the right level of security and transparency
  • Creates valuable new risk insight for you
  • Adapts to highly-complex multiple compliance rules while intelligently maintaining data accuracy
  • Give you seamless access to multiple data sources and expedites outdated processes – all in one place
  • Eliminates tedious repetitious tasks – a decades old problem for you and the industry

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