U-Reg is an integrated platform built for compliance and regulatory processes, supporting intelligent configurable data processing as well as publishing capabilities that allows for multi-party collaboration. The U-Reg product suite enables frictionless, secure and compliant exchange of regulatory information and of a corporate’s digital identity between Financial Institutions and their clients, business partners or regulators.

The Challenge

Regulatory processes remain manual, using tools that are not fit for purpose and being compliant is stressful, tedious, and unfriendly.

The Solution

U-Reg technology transforms regulatory, onboarding and other compliance workflows. By using the U-Reg’s platform, businesses collaborate and report with ease and confidence while lowering operational risks. The U-Reg platform supports seamless data gathering, intelligent and configurable data processing, as well as publishing capabilities that allow for multi-party collaboration with strong access control and audits. The platform is built with modular and integrated applications at its core:
• Doc-Vault is a secure digital repository facilitating multi-party document collaboration, internally and externally, specifically built for regulatory processes;
• Doc-Gen is an intelligent data management and publishing application based on the concept of digital regulatory identity.
• Workflows is a collaborative process management application, which guides users to define, execute, and monitor end-to-end processes in an automated way throughout the services they need to use.

The Importance

As a trusted provider of regulatory compliance solutions, U-Reg has a strong track record of helping financial institutions meet their regulatory requirements with ease. U-Reg’s innovative technology solutions are designed to help businesses streamline their compliance processes, lower operational risks and reduce costs. U-Reg’s technology has been recognized by the financial industry: U-Reg is a RegTech100 company and a winner of the Investment Management Association of Singapore (IMAS) problem statement around regulatory data management and form filling for regulatory reporting processes.

Next steps

Please book a demo on our website: https://www.u-reg.com/book-a-demo/ or contact [email protected]

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