WealthOS lets you focus on building your customer’s experience, because we take care of all the backend technology, infrastructure and processes to run the next generation of digital investment and retirement products. Our platform significantly reduces operational time and costs through extensive automation, orchestration of processes as well as remote maintenance and updates. With our sandbox, you can start building your proposition today and get to market 3x faster and 40% cheaper than other technology platforms today.

The Challenge

92 of the 100 biggest global banks run their backend on mainframe machines in their own data centres (IBM,2017). Today, the cloud underpins most new technological disruptions (Gartner, 2021) The gulf between incumbents and newcomers in the quality and agility of their digital offerings is only widening, posing an existential threat to incumbents (Future of WM – Deloitte, 2020). People are living longer and birth rates are dropping. We are facing the challenge that traditional retirement benefits cannot meet, hitting the poorest hardest.

To solve the frictions caused by legacy tech to digital transformation in wealth management, a deep understanding is required of (1) what happens under the hood operationally, (2) the main technological friction points and (3) the technological advancements that can solve the frictions. Which is where WealthOS comes in.

The Solution

The WealthOS unified platform provides the cloud infrastructure, operational and regulatory features, business logic, external integrations and API connectivity to build and run wealth products like trading apps and robo-advisors.

With WealthOS we believe

  • You can implement 3x faster
  • With no extra cost you get 99.9% up time
  • Your total cost of ownership is 40% cheaper

Our value proposition

  • Rapid and easy development – our modular architecture and Unified API provides all the building blocks to assemble, test and deploy your digital wealth products at pace.
  • Optimise tech and operational costs – we reduce the costs of service, change management and maintenance, leaving more money to be spent on client acquisition.
  • Unlock growth potential – we provide scale benefits and resiliency to firms of any size, with integrations that open new distribution channels.
  • Improve client servicing and acquisition – we help you cater to the evolving needs of a multi-generational clientbook, through product expansion and omni-channel servicing.

The Importance

We are the next generation wealth management infrastructure stack for an industry that is seeking modern solutions to rapidly adopt digital wealth management trends.

Our cloud-native design eliminates upfront hardware costs and effort to get the platform set up. No need for physical data centres or expensive hosting. Serverless computing allows resource usage to be exact and for it to increase and decrease in line with demand. This reduces costs and is good for the environment!

Maintenance is fully taken care of and is covered in our SaaS fees. Features are made digital-ready by orchestrating and wrapping in APIs. Buyers only need to focus on the digital experience.

At present, platform technology for wealth, require weeks of expensive & human intensive work to get their product deployed into a test environment with the appropriate configs. Once deployed, it takes years of painstaking development work and millions of pounds to build very simple digital wealth features. Once live, a huge amount of further money must be spent keeping the lights on – software  upgrades, bug fixes etc. WealthOS in comparison lets you set up a sandbox in minutes. All of the development is done and presented as APIs for digital features to be connected and all of the infrastructure and maintenance is looked after.

Simply put, WealthOS reduces the time taken to get rich and highly innovative digital wealth management products to market at least at a third of the time and half the cost compared to platforms built on analogue, on-prem and insular technologies.

Next steps

If you’re thinking about digital wealth products, such as automated digital wealth, trading apps, digital direct indexing, retirement planning, and drawdown apps, or any other type of innovative wealth proposition, get in touch with us we look forward to bringing your innovation to market at an affordable rate and a lightning-fast pace.

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