Aprexo joins Railsbank’s Annual innovation Hackathon

Aprexo joins Railsbank’s Annual innovation Hackathon

Railsbank, a leading UK-based open-banking and RegTech platform, has announced Aprexo as partners of its annual banking innovation hackathon.



Aprexo, a financial technology firm which specialises in investment management software, is joining Railsbank, a leading UK-based open-banking and RegTech platform, as a partner in Railsbank’s annual banking innovation hackathon, #OpenBankHack18, which takes place in London on 23 to 25 November, 2018. The Austrian-based RegTech firm, kompany, is joining Aprexo as a co-sponsor. To register go here.

Railsbank established the annual hackathon #OpenBankHack as a 48-hour hackathon to bring together innovators to create innovative banking services using its own Open Banking API. For #OpenBankHack18, the Railsbank and kompany technical teams are designing API hacking challenges around the theme of ‘anti-fraud.’ It will demonstrate how API technology can help identify rogue elements. Aprexo’s technical team is designing API hacking challenges around portfolio management, to demonstrate how API technology can simplify transfers and interfaces in fund management.

Taking place at the University of Greenwich, London, the participants at #OpenBankHack18 will form teams and collaborate with mentors (senior FinTech sector entrepreneurs and executives) to create solutions to challenges based around tackling financial crime; taking compliance manuals from the world of paper into the world of digital; investment management; and, building a challenger bank within 48 hours.

Railsbank’s Chief Platform Officer Adam McGreggor, Aprexo CTO Andy Thomas and kompany co-founder and CTO Peter Bainbridge-Clayton will be three of the judges.

Nigel Verdon, co-founder and CEO of Railsbank, added: “We started the Railsbank hackathon event last year and it was a great success, with over 100 people attending. It’s a superb opportunity for those committed to innovating in the FinTech sector and those interested in APIs to get together for a focused session and have some fun.”

Event details can be found here.

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About Railsbank

Founded by serial entrepreneurs and FinTech veterans Nigel Verdon and Clive Mitchell, Railsbank is a global banking and compliance platform that gives companies access to wholesale banking services in 5 lines of code. Railsbank turbo-charges the scaling of businesses by massively reducing the time and complexity of opening bank accounts, streamlining technical integration with banks, enhancing banking functionality with core Railsbank services; and enabling both parties to have a trusted compliance relationship. Awarded the FinTech50 2017, winners of the Simmons & Simmons FinTech Fund in 2016 and Startup Pitch winners at Paris FinTech Forum 2017, Railsbank was also the “Startup-in-Residence” for the 2016 Startupbootcamp FinTech 2016 Cohort.

For media enquiries email [email protected]

About Aprexo

Aprexo was founded in 2017 by senior fund management professionals, producing specialist software for the fund management business. Aprexo’s hub is an Investment Book of Record or ‘IBOR’ with a modular API-driven design, supporting integration with proprietary software and with applications sold by other vendors. It is hosted in Microsoft’s Azure cloud. Aprexo can help firms reduce costs while dramatically increasing the quality of the core data they hold about their clients’ investments. Unlike many investment platforms it does not dictate a particular operating model, nor does it tie firms into particular portfolio management systems, order management systems, client reporting packages, etc. Find out more here.

For media enquiries email [email protected]

About kompany

kompany provides real-time access to audit-proof commercial register data, including company filings covering more than 100 million companies in 150+ jurisdictions for customer onboarding (KYC), anti-money laundering (AML), enhanced due diligence (EDD) and ongoing compliance processes. Furthermore, kompany provides additional services such as translations of official documents, access to PEP & sanctions lists and a range of customized solutions (e.g. enhanced VAT number validation). kompany is a government clearing house for commercial registers, an official distributor of the European Business Register and local business registers worldwide.

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