Blackrock, World’s Largest Fund Management Company, Teams Up with Microsoft Azure

Blackrock, World’s Largest Fund Management Company, Teams Up with Microsoft Azure

World’s largest fund management company BlackRock teams up with Microsoft Azure: a significant step for the future of Financial Services & Secure Cloud Computing.

World’s largest fund management company teams up with Microsoft Azure – Why you should sit up and pay attention to this.

BlackRock recently announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft Azure to host Aladdin Enterprise on their platform. This is a significant step for the future of financial services and secure cloud computing as Aladdin is an operating system trusted by investment professionals, worldwide.

Judson Altoff, the Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Worldwide Commercial Business said, “By bringing Aladdin to the cloud, Microsoft will support BlackRock in further enhancing its client experience while also enabling continuous innovation in the financial services industry. Together, we will empower an ecosystem of financial service professionals running their most critical workloads on the cloud.”

METCloud response:“We are extremely excited to learn of this strategic partnership. In fact, our vision is to enable all businesses within the financial services sector, irrespective of size, the most secure cloud experience possible. All firms can leverage Microsoft’s scale in computing, big data and AI,” said Ian Vickers, METCloud CEO.


A Noteworthy Stamp of Trust for Cloud Computing

The ongoing debate for many businesses about security and cloud computing is often peppered with limited or backdated understanding in cloud computing. Today, cloud security surpasses the performance of traditional IT security in terms of scalability, reactivity, resource optimisation and costs. This partnership between Microsoft Azure and BlackRock demonstrates the trust behind evolution and galvanised strength of secure cloud computing.


Security by design

Being a FinTech member of the Investment Association and a Microsoft Azure Ecosystem Partner, METCloud works closely with the financial services industry to ensure that they meet and exceed the security and regulatory requirements.

Furthermore, METCloud continually invests in the top expertise in cybersecurity. Amongst them on the advisory board is Don Randall, Bank of England’s former Head of Security and Chief Information Security Officer. Randall is one of the world’s leading experts in information security and cyber threats. He has served in the City of London Police, combating fraud and terrorism where he was the Deputy Head of the Fraud Squad.

METCloud provides clients with secure access to an ever-increasing portfolio of cutting-edge technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, data analytics and Blockchain services. Their multi-award-winning cybersecurity hybrid cloud platform that harnesses sophisticated cyber defense, surveillance, AI and ML technologies have been recognised worldwide.

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