Engine – Accelerating FinTech for Investment Management

Engine – Accelerating FinTech for Investment Management

IA Engine have published a 2 page overview outlining our positioning and our mission to accelerate FinTech for Investment Management. Read the full overview here.


The Investment Association (IA) supports over 270 UK-based investment managers to create an environment in which the industry, and therefore the savers who rely on it, can thrive. This means creating the right conditions for UK FinTech to flourish. To help achieve this, in 2018 the IA established our FinTech hub and accelerator, Engine (formerly known as Velocity).


Engine is boosting our industry’s adoption of new technologies and helping investment managers to identify new opportunities, work more efficiently and cut costs, ultimately benefiting our customers.


Over the last 3 years we have worked with over 200 FinTechs and have worked with 25 firms through our successful Innovator programme.
Our accelerator brings together FinTech firms with products tailored to investment management and wider buy-side sectors, and with the potential to transform the industry.


Read the full version here

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