Get to Know OTCFin’s ESG Integration Solution

Get to Know OTCFin’s ESG Integration Solution

Understanding the impact of ESG, having a solid data source, as well as excellent data management, are crucial - OTCFin is here to help.

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We added a new ESG data integration service to our diverse lineup of services.


This new feature will significantly strengthen the portfolio and ease the pain for asset managers to collect, analyze, and visualize the ESG dataset.


Over the past two decades, ESG factors have become a strong influence on the portfolio construction process. Although the term has increased in popularity among the public fairly recently, various studies have suggested that companies with, for example, better governance factors tend to demonstrate better performance. Most ESG-minded investors understand that different industries have different ESG issues, with varying degrees of severity.


Nowadays, asset managers are faced with a multitude of raw data to sort and implement in order to achieve the best performance. ESG is the new norm in the industry that is here to stay.


That’s where our all-in-one platform, PATOne EDM, comes in. With a comprehensive data model that supports all portfolio and financial risk data, the platform has been extended to also support ESG data across multiple data vendors. It assists asset managers in portfolio monitoring and risk management with dashboard reports that are flexible and scalable. Having the ability to view the risk and performance data alongside ESG factors enable portfolio and risk managers to achieve true ESG integration in their investment and risk management process.


OTCFin also offers consulting services to meet our clients’ wide variety of needs. When it comes to ESG data integration, formulating a strategy based on the accumulated raw data can be time and effort-intensive. For companies who may not have the appropriate in-house resources to allocate, our team of certified professionals can provide asset managers with a practical roadmap as well as assist with the implementation.


The pressure for ethical investment and embracing ESG factors into investment strategies is high. It is up to each asset manager to effectively use ESG intelligence to meet or exceed the goals of their funds. To achieve successful investment performance, asset managers have to figure out an investment method that actually works; however, that starts with data analysis. The first step to develop a strong ESG strategy following the purpose of the portfolio is to analyze the raw data obtained from a trusted data vendor.


To understand the impact of ESG, a solid integrated data foundation and powerful business intelligence are crucial – OTCFin is here to help with both.

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