Minted and Fasset to Deliver Tokenized Precious Metals to the Underbanked

Minted and Fasset to Deliver Tokenized Precious Metals to the Underbanked

Minted partners with Fasset to expand the accessibility of tokenized precious metals to customers in developing markets such as Turkey, Indonesia, and UAE
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates 09 May, 2023 — Minted, the revolutionary precious metals platform, has announced its continued commitment to providing investment opportunities in Precious Metals to businesses worldwide through their recent partnership with Fasset a leading digital assets and crypto investing app at Dubai’s Fintech Summit 2023, yesterday.


Minted will supply Fasset with access to Precious Metals to their emerging markets opening up the reach and accessibility to one of the oldest asset classes of all time. This move promises to empower a larger demographic of investors for Fasset providing the opportunity to invest in precious metals, ultimately contributing to the democratisation of wealth and financial freedom of their customers.


Fasset offers a range of digital assets including cryptocurrency, stocks & now precious metals thanks to this strategic partnership with Minted.


Shahid Munir, the co-founder of Minted, believes that their partnership with Fasset will provide a seamless bridge between real world assets and the Web 3.0 ecosystem. “We aim to build an on-shore, trusted custodian infrastructure for Precious Metals, easily accessible through border-less tokens. This fusion of physical and digital will serve as a unique wealth preservation instrument for millions worldwide”


Minted, with the support of Nadir Metal Refinery, an accredited LBMA Good Delivery member and one of the largest metal refineries globally, is well-positioned to provide the expertise and resources required to provide a tech enabled precious metals infrastructure worldwide.


The global Precious Metals market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.82% from 2021 to 2026. In 2021 the market reached an estimated $207.8 billion and it’s expected to reach $343.4 billion by 2026. Highlighting the increasing demand for Precious Metals investments as a valuable addition to consumer wealth portfolios.


Minted’s innovative solution proves to be invaluable to businesses like Fasset, seeking to diversify their product portfolio to cater to the ever-increasing demands and needs of their customers.


“With over 50% of the world remaining unbanked, Fasset’s mission is to democratize access to assets that have traditionally been out of reach for many investors across emerging markets,” said Mohammad Raafi Hossain, CEO of Fasset. “Through our partnership with Minted, we are delivering on our mission by offering tokenized precious metals on our platform, which will allow investors to gain exposure to the precious metals market with ease and security.”


Fasset and Minted open up new doors to safeguard customers’ wealth and set the foundation for a more secure and sustainable future of investing.


About Minted


Minted is a global fintech company committed to providing investment opportunities in precious metals to businesses worldwide. Based in the UK, Turkey and the UAE, Minted’s digital platform offers a user-friendly and accessible platform that makes it easy for fintech’s to buy, sell, and integrate Precious Metals into their business. This empowers customers worldwide, by helping them to create long-term financial stability through investing in Precious Metals (such as gold and silver), which have long been seen as a responsible investment option that provides a hedge against inflation and market volatility.


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