Why Capital Markets Need Unstructured Data?

Why Capital Markets Need Unstructured Data?

Solutions are heavily required to solve complex front, middle and back office problems...

Over the past few years, there has been a rising trend of utilizing alternative data in capital markets. Solutions are heavily required to solve complex front, middle and back office problems, as alternative data is information that has not previously been used widely yet can bring tremendous values to investors.


Why Capital Markets Need Unstructured Data

Capital markets are fiercely competitive and results-focused, investment banks and brokers have to focus on services and offerings where they need to deliver ultimate value to their clients, not just margin to themselves. Thus deep and real-time insights and balance between risk and reward are significantly essential.


Unstructured data, such as text data, news, filings, reports and conference calls, etc. contain predictive information that empowers investors to make better-informed decisions. The fact is, traders and researchers are unable to digest massive unstructured data already at hand effectively, and they are hardly to respond to events in real time. To process these data effectively, they need to leverage artificial intelligence solutions to solve these issues.


What Can Orbit Do

Orbit is an innovator in Text analytics and Artificial Intelligence Computing. Orbit can deliver end-to-end solutions that can help professionals from investment banks and brokers to unstructured consumer data in a systematic way in real time, in an attempt to increase advisory competitive advantage and increase working efficiency.


How Can Orbit Help You

Orbit’s products and services include Orbit VISION, a web-based data analysis platform, Orbit QuantLab, a new source of alpha derived from market sentiment and Orbit Consulting, bespoke solutions that fulfil all your business needs with higher efficiency and lower costs.


Orbit VISION can automate a lot of difficult data mining work and process millions of articles, filings, and reports in real time at the event level and deliver predictive indicators, trade ideas or visualized analytics for investment banks and brokers to increase competitive  advisory advantage. By offering sentiment insights and analytics from both macro and corporate perspective, it can empower sales traders to reach out to their clients at any time proactively.


For example, Orbit VISION can extract the most discussed events of a particular stock or real-time market reaction to a CEO’s comment or analyst note. Utilizing Orbit VISION, sales traders can easily extract essential information out of market noise and identify potential investment opportunities for their clients that their competitors neglect in a high-pressure environment.


Orbit VISION also allows users to respond to real-time events quickly, especially events that creates a potential risk for a particular stock, such as sandals of senior management, or massive market complains towards new product development or supply chain issues. It can help have your entry point better and be able to stop loss and reduce potential risk.


Powerful visualization makes both internal and external presentation of data analytics results more impactful. With easy setup and simple UI engagement, it can be used as part of sales traders’ day-to-day operational routine.


What’s more, Orbit data is not derived from a black-box algorithm, and in contrast, Orbit data processing is completely transparent, and can empower investment banks and brokers to better comply with MiFID II regulation. It also allows them to build their own analytical logic into the engine easily by selecting data scale, scopes and dimensions etc. In this case, they can effectively identify leading indicators following their trading strategy and simplify the entire research and modeling process.


Orbit derives ready-to-use applications for capital markets:

  • Better Execution Performance: Orbit can generate event driven alpha signal for capital markets. The signal is developed by self-developed algorithms and high-end AI computing technology. It is derived from proven financial models from a wide range of diversified factors, such as macroeconomic, company related, political events and natures etc., which are uncorrelated to traditional signals. Orbit help users to make more accurate predictions of future asset prices.
  • Enhanced Advisory: Orbit VISION can offer sales traders a quick overview of market information, empower them to reach out their clients proactively to create added value. Orbit analytics contains predictive information, which can be utilized as leading indicators for investment. This real-time advanced insight creates a significant competitive edge for investment banks and brokers. Ability to response to real time events can also help sales traders to reduce potential investment risk.
  • Actionable Insights: Orbit terminal derives sentiment on a portfolio of instruments with visualized graphics derived from complex contexts. It makes data mining easier by gathering information relevant to a particular topic or concepts of interest.
  • Intelligent Search: You can use ORBIT explorer as a financial search engine to conduct investment research from filings/reports or search concepts upon your or your clients’ interest to get automated analytics.
  • Investment Process Optimization: Orbit solution can process audio data in real-time. There will be no need to listen to any conference calls; ORBIT can process conference call audio and extract core information as you need which could help you speed up your working efficiency and save time for advanced analytics and decision making.

The Benefit ORBIT Brings to You

Unstructured data is a new weapon for capital markets. Orbit can free up professionals of investment banking and brokers from intense but low-value manual work,to proactive and value-added modeling and analytics. It can help clients generate alpha by finding assets that will out-perform benchmarks and make better-timed trades. Orbit terminals assist users in increasing advisory competitive advantage with lower cost and powerful visualization.


To sum up, Orbit provides a solution to support customized computing that has never existed in the financial industry before. With Orbit, capital markets can adopt AI and big data technologies effectively.


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