Unlocking the Future of Finance: Insights from Wayne Green

In an era where financial services meet cutting-edge technology, Vendor Management and Surveillance have become not just essential but strategic. It’s no longer a cost of doing business; it’s the cornerstone of compliance, risk mitigation, and operational efficiency. Dive into our latest piece by industry expert Wayne Green, where he unveils the transformative power of these practices and the mindset shift that’s reshaping the financial landscape.

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The Fintech Evolution

VENDOR iQ seamlessly bridges tradition and innovation in the financial services sector, combining the strengths of established institutions with modern fintech solutions. Explore our solutions to safeguard your business and capitalise on your stellar reputation.

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Top ESG Controversies in 2023: A Year in Review

With 2023 drawing to an end, we wanted to share the most relevant ESG controversies during the year. In this article, we provide a comprehensive overview of the year’s top ESG controversies, breaking them down into the three pillars of ESG: Environmental, Social, and Governance. Through our research, we will explore each of these areas in detail, shedding light on the most talked-about controversies and the companies involved.

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Navigating the ESG Impact of Generative AI: Risks, Controversies, and Positive Initiatives

As generative AI has grown from a fledgling concept to a force disrupting most industries, its broader implications have come under scrutiny. Public perception of generative AI has also evolved significantly due to its association with various Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors. In this article, we’ll offer an extensive ESG analysis of generative AI, focusing on how different industries react to it, the ESG risks it potentially fuels, and the ESG positive impact events it has given rise to.

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The Future of Financial Data in the Cloud – Asset Management 2.0 with FINBOURNE and Fidelity International

At the recent AWS Capital Markets Financial Data Forum, Yugo Ashida, Head of ISS Enterprise Architecture, Fidelity International and Stephen Collie, Co-Founder, FINBOURNE Technology delved into some of the data challenges caused by traditional asset management practices and uncover how FINBOURNE’s Modern Financial Data Stack is enhancing interoperability and driving sustainable growth.

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As Technology Evolves, Asset Managers Adapt and Innovate

In a recent Q&A with Markets Media, Alexander Monte, Director, Asset & Wealth Management Consulting – North America at Alpha FMC, and Christopher Farrell, Head of US and Global Strategy at FINBOURNE Technology explore the benefits of a modern data pipeline, to adapt and innovate in a dynamic and competitive market.

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