Tech Talk – Generative AI Unlocked: Revolutionising Investment Management

Wednesday 31 May 2023 |
 2:30 pm
 – 5:30 pm


Wednesday 31 May 2023

Start Time:  

2:30 pm


The Investment Association, Camomile Court, London EC3A 7LL


Join us to discuss the role of generative AI in Investment Management and how it is shaping the future of the financial industry. As AI and machine learning technologies continue to advance, investment management firms are increasingly exploring the use of generative AI to assist in portfolio management, risk analysis, and decision-making. This event brings together experts from the investment management industry, wider professional services, and technology companies to discuss the current and future role of generative AI in investment management, including the benefits and challenges, potential applications, ethical considerations, and limitations of these technologies. We will also hear from the IA’s Innovation unit with the launch of podcast series ‘IA talks AI’ as we discuss the regulatory requirements and governmental agenda.


In this TechTalk we’ll be exploring a number of topic areas including:

1. Generative AI use cases within asset and wealth management
2. Tech take up: opportunities, challenges and ethical requirements of generative AI
3. AI regulatory requirements and the governmental agenda
4. How generative AI will transform the way we work


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14:30   |   Registration


15:00   |   Opening Remarks

  • Gillian Painter, Head of Membership and Engine, The Investment Association


15:10   |  Panel: Generative AI and use cases in asset and wealth management

  • Kate Land, Lead Data Scientist, Inalytics
  • Ben Lucas, CEO, Amundi Tech
  • Da Wei, Director, Orbit Financial Technology
  • Dr Chlump Chatkupt, Founder, Placemake


15:35   |  The ethical considerations of generative AI in asset and wealth management


15:55   |  AI regulatory requirements and the government agenda

  • John Allan, Head of Innovation and Operations, The Investment Association
  • Viscount Camrose, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Minister for AI and Intellectual Property


16:15   | How Generative AI will change the way we work

  • Alessandro Recino, Principal Technology Specialist, Microsoft
  • Gillian Painter, Head of Membership and Engine, The Investment Association


16:25   |  Closing Remarks

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