Webinar: The Power of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) in the Fight Against Financial Crime

Thursday 28 April 2022 |
 1:00 pm
 – 2:00 pm


Thursday 28 April 2022

Start Time:  

1:00 pm

On Thursday 28th April at 1PM BST, a panel of financial crime, due diligence and open source intelligence experts will discuss the mounting regulatory pressure forcing financial services organisations to re-examine their AML controls.

Regulators are urging businesses to adopt a more robust, risk-based approach to due diligence, with the FCA referring to open source Internet checks as best practice with regard to CDD and high-risk customers (Financial Crime Guide, FG 18/5).

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) remains under-utilised across the AML and Financial Crime arena, despite using advanced technologies that can dramatically improve detection rates.


In this webinar, our panel will evaluate the current AML and financial crime landscape, alongside the key challenges facing financial services institutions today. We will map out how OSINT can mitigate risk and improve AML processes.

The panel will use real-world examples to show the unrivalled insights that OSINT can deliver by quickly connecting the dots between disparate data sources, including the entire Internet (social media, surface and deep web).

Finally, you’ll receive insights and testimonies into how Neotas’ OSINT tools are being used effectively and efficiently by world-leading organisations to combat financial crime, mitigate risk and cover the blind spots in due diligence processes.

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