Alternative Data Trends: TotalEnergies

Alternative Data Trends: TotalEnergies

See how this energy giant’s brand equity, ESG, and public sentiment are affected leading up to and after being accused of alleged ties to Russian war crimes.

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In October 2022, this multinational integrated energy and petroleum company found itself in the crosshairs of two non-government organizations (NGOs), accusing it of “exploiting a gas field used to manufacture kerosene used by Russian planes in their bombings in Ukraine,” according to the French daily Le Monde. The accusations expressly point out the 16 March 2022 strike, which killed around 600 civilians taking shelter at a Mariupol theatre.


The company? TotalEnergies.


The NGOs? Razom We Stand (Ukraine) and Darwin Climax Coalitions (France).


Also, in October, TotalEnergies posted a third-quarter net profit amid these allegations. “The French group reported an adjusted net income of $9.86 billion, compared with $4.77 billion for the same period in 2021 and $9.8 billion in the second quarter of this year,” per Reuters.


Should investors and asset and portfolio managers be concerned? Is this one instance of allegations a nothing burger, or is it a sign—one of many red flags—to evaluate? Let’s find out in this edition of Alternative Data Trends: TotalEnergies.


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