EthiFinance and SESAMm create EthiMonitor powered by SESAMm

EthiFinance and SESAMm create EthiMonitor powered by SESAMm

Make timely investment decisions when it matters most with the SESAMm and EthiFinance joint product, the solution for monitoring controversies in any SME universe.

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Monitoring controversies is key in the analysis of ESG company performance. Information on social climate, company reputation, incidents, and accidents is now crucial to enable banks, financial institutions, and insurers primarily to monitor the risk in their client companies’ portfolios (credit risk, claims risk, reputation risk, etc.).


Since the official announcement of their partnership on controversy-detection and scoring of listed companies in December 2021, EthiFinance, the European specialist in risk analysis and financial and ESG rating, has partnered with SESAMm, an innovative company specializing in alternative data and artificial intelligence for investment, to launch EthiMonitor powered by SESAMm.


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