Fresh New Look for IA Fintech Member HUBX

Fresh New Look for IA Fintech Member HUBX

HUBX fresh new look will make it clearer and easier to keep our community updated when HUBX publishes new tools and launch new features.


Since 2015, HUBX solutions have evolved into off-the-shelf private capital markets solutions. Working closely with clients helping solve their pain points, we understood that plug-and-play was essential to painless adoption.

Replacing custom-built versions, our HUBX 3rd Generation platform is a SaaS technology solution, providing immediate impact with minimum integration efforts.

We call it ‘Capital Raising as a Service’.



Together with our clients and partners, we are proud to bring a complex, highly regulated activity into the digital age. It is therefore essential for our prospective clients to understand our purpose at a glance.

Hence our new website’s clear graphic layout, illustrated with testimonials, new features and infographics. A more engaging HUBX experience to convey how our solution can be adopted to streamline and grow your business:

  • Efficient and centralised tools and processes for more effective distribution;
  • Comprehensive data room functionality;
  • Option to tap into new dealflow and find more capital across the HUBX network;
  • High-performance artificial intelligence delivering key data insights;
More visuals, clearer messaging across our new website


Our fresh new look will make it clearer and easier to keep our community updated when HUBX publishes new tools and launch new features. For example, we will shortly be sharing exciting cutting-edge AI functionality, which which our Data Science team has been developing.

Expect to see it showcased on the website, in the meantime, read up on AI essentials.



At HUBX, we are very proud of our team, their expertise, energy and pro-active attitude to problem-solving. They have valuable insights to share, from capital market trends to AI, so we felt we needed a dedicated HUBX blog. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we’ve enjoyed writing it.

As we are often asked with whom we work, it is also important to dedicate some space to our clients’ feedback. They reflect the strength and commitment of our relationships. After all, with so many Fintech solutions on the market, client testimonials are the best possible endorsement for prospective clients.

Our clients and partners share their HUBX experience


While we constantly work to ease the burden on our clients of running private deals, we know that it is also the small things that matter. Which is why we have integrated a demo booking system: no running around in order to find a convenient time to talk. Interested parties can just hit our new ‘Book a Demo’ button, and secure one of our Solutions team members to see the platform in action

Take a look and let us know what you think.

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