IA Fintech Member Apvera Jump Starts Operations in the Heart of the European Union

IA Fintech Member Apvera Jump Starts Operations in the Heart of the European Union

Leader in Cyber Risk Management Teams Up with the Dutch Security Cluster

Apvera, a Singapore-based Cyber Security Risk Management technology company, establishes its brand new European Headquarters in the Netherlands as part of the organization’s worldwide expansion strategy. Leveraging its solid reputation with existing European customers, Apvera plans to reinforce its position in EMEA, by focusing its efforts by recruiting new clients and local partners.

In addition to the establishment, Apvera also joined the Hague Security Delta (HSD): a Dutch security cluster where businesses, governments and knowledge institutions work together on innovative security solutions. It provides a platform for discussing security issues and sharing knowledge on cyber security, national and urban security, protection of critical infrastructures, and forensics.

As provider of sophisticated cyber security risk mitigation solutions to safeguard against lethal cyber-attack, Apveras’ partnership with HSD is already paying dividends, as the community showcases state-of-the-art technologies to willing European Enterprises. Apvera seeks to become a valuable, active contributor to the Dutch security cluster to raise awareness, community participation and promote thought leadership throughout the ecosystem.

“We are fully committed to providing the industry continued innovation. By joining HSD we look forward to discussing key security issues with other members of the cluster while fomenting awareness and knowledge.”, said Eric Meyer, CEO at Apvera

Apvera sets ambitious goals transforming how companies perceive and manage cyber risk, beyond the present- day status quo. By linking technology risk to corporate policies, employees and disparate systems; organisations become better informed of their internal risk posture, and are better prepared to fulfil corporate governance as well as satisfy the most thorough industry compliance regulations. A precursor to sound cyber security risk management is having a deep understanding of the overall threat landscape within the organisation through analytical tools that contextually anticipate and interpret risk.

“Today all companies, with a digital presence, must comply with a wide variety of policies and regulations to ensure their survival,” added Doug Farndale Chief Advisory Officer at Apvera, “We have made it our top priority to inform and protect any and all industries, working close with the European Union, from exploitation of their Information Technology systems. Irrespective of the origin of the exploit, whether it’s down to human error, some malicious actor or a basic system failure.”

Apvera approaches cyber security risk management by establishing a clear line of communication in the company’s hierarchy and focuses on making risk based decisions, well-informed and well-considered; which in turn improves resource allocation, ensures effective risk mitigation and better accountability. Apvera Insight360TM allows organizations to better identify, visualize, control and remediate a wide range of cyber threats. Apvera’s proprietary SaaS platform technology leverages machine learning for tracking identity and detection of any unusual behaviour whilst offering unique breadth and depth insight into critical data points, used to derive situational awareness about short-term and long-term cyber risks. Apvera strives to make the world more secure place.

About Apvera

Apvera, cyber security risk management company, transforms how companies manage their cyber security posture through a deep understanding of the overall threat landscape within the organization and providing an analytical platform to contextually anticipate and interpret risk. By adopting Apvera Insight360TM, organizations gain an integrated view of cyber security risk, allowing to better identify, visualize, control, and mitigate a wider array of threats, providing for risk decisions to be well informed, well considered, and made in the context of organizational compliance objectives. Apvera’s proprietary SaaS platform technology uses machine learning to track identity and anomalous behavior while offering an unmatched breadth and depth of critical data points use to derive situational awareness about near term and long-term cyber risks.

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