Multi-Asset Attribution – Innovation in the Cloud

Multi-Asset Attribution – Innovation in the Cloud

Solving the Multi-Asset Attribution dilemma in the cloud and tagging strategies in portfolios for greater transparency.

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In the post-Pandemic move to scalable processes, efficiencies and an increased focus on investor returns, we are seeing Multi-Asset Strategies and Data & Analytics develop as key growth areas for the Asset Management industry.


Clients and investors are demanding more detailed, granular views on investment decisions and returns.  Couple this with more diverse strategies, more instruments and more complexity brings increasing costs and highlights inefficiencies in existing processes.


Transparency is key. Technology solutions must focus on unifying separate functions, reducing complexity and simplifying processes to provide detail on strategies.


As we move into the next phase of Asset Managements operational evolution, interoperability between best-of-breed solutions is imperative. Firms must be able to customise at scale, leaving behind manual solutions. Any front-to-back-office solutions must capture ALL the elements of the business process.


How can firms adapt?

We have the answer.


The CloudAttribution solution was developed by PMs and quantitative analysts to do this and more. From unifying and reusing your separate data sets to calculate and analyse performance and attribution, through to tagging and tracking multiple strategies in portfolios, we can act fast and deploy easily. Our approach is designed to align with your investment decisions now and in the future.


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