NLP: A Better Way to Nowcast Macro and Commodities

NLP: A Better Way to Nowcast Macro and Commodities

Discover how macro and commodities traders can wrangle unstructured data to gain insights into companies and economic themes using SESAMm's TextReveal API.

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The macroeconomic environment is moving quickly—inflationary pressures, war in Europe, political instability, and plenty of other topics to make a trader’s head spin. While there’s an abundance of structured macro data, it’s much more difficult to extract value from unstructured text on the web.


However, with the right partner and the right tools, it doesn’t need to be difficult to rein in this complexity. But more on that later.


More data, more problems


We’re obviously in the information age; we have more data within reach than ever before. And you’d think that more data would make it easier to find consistent relationships between the macro economy and price returns. The hard truth is that it doesn’t.


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