Orbit Search Engine Announcement

Orbit Search Engine Announcement

Orbit Insight helps you search and track topics ranging from trending investment opportunities to customizable approaches that allow you to create your own concepts and themes

Author: Orbit Financial – orbitfin.ai

LONDON, March 30, 2022 Orbit Financial Technology, is an enterprise AI company dedicated to the financial services industry. They announce the release of the new search engine embedded into the online research tool Orbit Insight, tailored specifically for the financial industry.
Orbit Insight helps you search and track topics ranging from trending investment opportunities to customisable approaches that allow you to create your own concepts and themes, making it even easier than ever to monitor unstructured data. Now that our new search engine is in place, users will be able to refine and identify potential investment opportunities as well as keep their active portfolios on track.
The search engine itself is able to control the level of fussy search that is performed. By tolerating the search on the phrase, we’re able to match and highlight the individual keyword. The combination of AI and NLP technology we use is able to determine the individual words between the sentences our users are searching for, therefore being incrementally more granular using this level of sentence by sentence detail.
Why did Orbit create a search engine for the financial investment industry?
– Access to high-quality public information.
– Relevant and accurate information.
– Linkage to reference data.
– Combine with the enterprise’s internal data.
– Affordability
The traditional search engines use ‘fussy searches’ such as Google, whereas we are much more specific and granular. By having full control over underlying data we can guarantee the completeness of the unstructured data on each search that is performed. Having access to all of this publicly available information under one roof, your research process becomes even more efficient. The mass volume of data we have is all assigned to tickers or ISIN, which goes that step further to allow users to define the search based on relevant industry-standard information.
As an example when using the search engine, if you were to type, ‘Hydrogen’ the engine will only return an article that has mentioned this keyword with at least one listed company. You’re then able to be more flexible using industry-specific filters to redefine your approach or research requirements.
How Do You Sign Up?
A quick initial sign-up allows instant access to an online dashboard that delivers a space for research in a whole new environment specific to the Financial Investment Industry. Sign Up for Instant Access at – insight.orbitfin.ai
To have full access to our free online search engine, visit – Orbit Insight (orbitfin.ai)
If you’re wanting to understand the more advanced features of Orbit Insight and also run through a demo of the platform please contact – [email protected]
About Orbit Financial Technology:
Orbit Financial Technology is a text analytics and AI computing vendor that helps global financial institutions to make smarter and more informed decisions out of public and in-house unstructured data.

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